Friday, May 25, 2007

Meal Ticket In Germany

Meal Ticket in Germany

You see, no one is keen to stand out side a railway station or public place like the Zionised Germany to say:
1. Christianity is a bad religion,
2. Christians are violent people,
3. The Bible is bullshit and
4. Christianity is full of child molesters and pedophiles.

Where as a handful of so called ex Iranian Muslims are doing this in Germany lately! Good Muslims are ignoring this anti-Muslim and anti-Quran nonsense. Probably they know the fact that these self-serving gangs are doing this stunt to get their "meal ticket" in Germany or may be paid by Zio-Nazis!

Would you believe, the tax-payer funded ABC promoted his non event with huge enthusiasm!

Source: Free America Now


komolarani said...

This is a deliberate act based on prejudice and bigotry.

rabbiforpalestine said...

This stunt backfired on them.