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Anti-Muslim Conspiracies in Australia

Anti-Muslim Conspiracies in Australia

Further to Free Australia Now successive Australian governments and media outlets love to do any thing for Zionist Israel like The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen ClerkLegs are Open for Business.

Items like legs are open for business, Brazilian connection, father and daughter and Lord Downer of Baghdad may shed some light about the mentality of some people here in Australia.

On the other hand the anti-Muslim/anti-Arab hysteria could be evidenced by John Howard – The Lying Son of A Bitch and Hitler to Zio-Nazis is confronting the Wise person of Middle East Formula for Peace.

Today the channel seven news and many other news outlets are dispatching similar stories. Yet, many media outlets are virtually inciting against Muslims and they are not giving Muslims an opportunity to explain their side of the story.

MP 'defending Australia' against Muslim school
Friday December 21, 02:11 PM

Enlarge image

Christian Democrats MP Reverend Fred Nile says he is trying to protect Australia's future by opposing the construction of an Islamic school in Sydney's south-west.

The Quranic Society has lodged a $19 million development application for a 1,200-place school at Camden, sparking outrage among many locals.

More than 1,000 people flocked to a community meeting about the school in Camden on Wednesday night, with the riot police called in to control the large number present.

Rev Nile gave a speech about Islam's opposition to Christianity, telling the meeting some Muslim schools overseas had produced terrorists.

The state MP has today rejected criticism from Quranic Society spokesman Jeremy Bingham, who said yesterday "overzealous" Christians needed to remember the crusades were over.
"It's no good putting your head in the sand as they've done in the UK, France and Holland," Rev Nile said.

"Now they have massive social problems [and] I don't want to see those problems in Australia.
"They may not occur, they won't be occurring tomorrow, but they may.

"We may be discussing this on the ABC in 2010 [or] 2020, when people are throwing up their hands saying, 'How did we allow this situation to develop?'"

Christmas concerns
Rev Nile says he is concerned about the Islamic attitude towards Christmas.
"Let's celebrate Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, which is condemned in the Koran, which is a textbook of Muslim schools," he said.

"The textbook says anyone who serves Jesus Christ, the son of God, is a corrupt or perverted unbeliever, 'God assail them'. That's my concern."

Both Islamic and Christian groups say they do not support Rev Nile's comments.
The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils says his interpretation of the Koran and Christmas is completely wrong.

Council president Ikebal Patel says Jesus is a prophet of Islam, and Muslims in Australia do enjoy and celebrate the Christmas period.

"In Islam, Christmas is a time for relaxing with family, for exchanging gifts," he said.

"It's also a time when you really reflect on the past year and I think its a time when you take your children into the shopping mall and have Santa put them on their laps and you take photos."

Mr. Patel has invited Rev Nile to have a coffee with him and learn more about Islam.

Uniting Church president Reverend Gregor Henderson meanwhile says Rev Nile is bordering on religious extremism.

"I think Fred is running the danger of inciting prejudice and distress in the community when there is no need for such fear," he said.

Camden Mayor Chris Patterson says the council expects to make a decision on the school by March next year.

Councillor Patterson says more than 3,000 public submissions have been received opposing the school, many covering concerns about traffic and potential overdevelopment of the site.
But he says a small amount voiced racial and religious opposition.

Source: Channel Seven and Free Australia Now
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hitler to Zio_Nazis

Wise person of Middle East Formula for Peace,

Stop deluding yourself by using pointless rhetoric and stick to the point.

O.K. Let’s arm the people of Palestine like the Zionist Israelis as per my proposal in the Middle East Formula for Peace! Stop killing unarmed women and children in their backyards, school yards and bed rooms with tanks, machine guns, apache helicopters and F 18s! Because Zionist actions are legitimizing Hitler’s treatment towards them as the only and LEGITIMATE ACTION to control Zionist poison to save the world.

Also, stop demonizing Muslims and Arabs by using Hitler’s tricks and techniques! Because, these blatant and aggressive Zionist conspiracies as well as CONGENITAL vendettas are again legitimizing Hitler’s “kindness and compassion” towards “Jews”. You can’t have both ways!

Behave or get ready for the LONG OVERDUE real holocaust!

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

You really are a pathetic lot!! The only time you put up a fight is when the enemy are women and children!! Pissweak!!

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:Re: Poll: Some Germans see good in Nazi rule

Zionist arrogance and violence are one of few reasons made them perfect candidate for holocaust!

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:
Let bys all see you laugh knucklehead when they kick your pathetic arses next time!! They do it so often it is becoming boring.
Cheers Bruce

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:Re: Poll: Some Germans see good in Nazi rule

Pay back time! Ha, Ha

Remember Zionism is worse than Nazism. The Sacred Cow is another example of the insecure and fraudulent nature of the holocaust industry.

1. Why one would punish the Palestinians for the European crimes?

2. If any one is shocked and horrified then why don't they offer a piece of land from Bavaria, Europe or America instead of robbing the land from the Arabs?

3. Israeli TERRROISM continuum has proven beyond reasonable doubt that a holocaust is long overdue!

4. The USA is enslaved by Israel and Israelites of America!

Most importantly, the Zionism is older than Nazism. Zionists have been preaching against Muslims and Arabs by using Hitler's materials! LOL. Now, they are back firing to poor victims called Zio-Nazis!! I say, take it easy and cop it sweet.

Further to Our Moral Rights, American Duty and Missing Nukes and Bin Laden it is paramount that Iraq pullout would hurt Israel and Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel before anything else!

Right noiw US garners support for strike on Iran should be a cause of concern to all of us.

Conspiracy is dedicated to prevent a conspiracy like Missing Nukes and Bin Laden.

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

Then your view of history is perverted Chief!! Sad really.
Cheers Bruce

--- In, sanjay pandey wrote:

Bruce , Which part sounded racist to you. To me, it looks like history. :)

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:
Are all the indians in your tribe so rascist Chief??
Cheers Bruce

--- In, sanjay pandey wrote:
Re: [freeamericanow] Poll: Some Germans see good in Nazi rule

Grandma - I have always wondered about this. Somehow, to me the western approach on this issue looks hypocritic.

On one hand I see, people screaming about holocast, 6 million Jews dead. After hearing them, it looks like as if Jews were worshipped in Europe before hitler and after hitler. It was only during Nazi era were they persecuted. What a load of nonsense. Hitler's killing of Jews was culmination of thousands of years of persecution of Jews at the hands of Christians. This was always done and is being done today also with direct support of vatican. So why blame hitler. Why not Vatican. Or hitler is the blind behind which Europe wants to hide its heinous crimes against Jews. The same European contempt of lives non-christian was visible against Jews and Asians. Hitler killed Jews and Americans bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki – both civilians targets.

It is funny when I bring the same reasoning today and look at things happenning, somehow, I get the feeling that Caucasian male is not happy when fighting with somebody armed. They are only happy when they have unarmed people in front of them. Look at Iraq. Vietnam and all of the US conflicts. Everywhere, they were afraid to fight with Armed forces of their own size. They pick on civilians and when a 911 happens then they crib that why others are attacking civilian targets. They forget that they have been doing the same.
Coming back to point. It is high time Germany and Europe took a hard look at their own history and instead of sweeping all of their actions under the cover called hitler they should introspect as to why Europeans are so against anything non-christian. In previous centuries they were against Jews and Hindus and in this century , it is Islam. And yes the lady was right. During Nazi rule, some things were good and others which were bad were a culmination of European culture.


--- In, "Jodie" wrote:
Uh... Huh ?

Poll: Some Germans see good in Nazi rule
By DAVID RISING, Associated Press Writer Wed Oct 17, 1:25 PM ET

BERLIN - A quarter of Germans believe there were some positive aspects to Nazi rule, according to a poll published Wednesday — a finding that comes after a popular talk show host was fired for praising Nazi Germany's attitude toward motherhood.

Pollsters for the Forsa agency, commissioned by the weekly magazine Stern, asked whether National Socialism also had some "good sides (such as) the construction of the highway system, the elimination of unemployment, the low criminality rate (and) the encouragement of the family."

Forsa said 25 percent responded "yes" — but 70 percent said "no."

Stern commissioned the survey, conducted Oct. 11-12, after Germany's NDR public broadcaster last month fired talk show host Eva Herman over comments she made about the Third Reich.

News reports quoted Herman as saying there was "much that was very bad — for example, Adolf Hitler," but there were good things under the Nazis, "for example, the high regard for the mother."

Herman, 48, who has written books urging a return to more traditional gender roles, has stood by her comments.

"What I wanted to express was that values which also existed before the Third Reich, such as family, children and motherhood, which were supported in the Third Reich, were subsequently done away with by the 68ers," she later said, referring to 1960s-era leftists.

Praising the 1933-45 Nazi dictatorship is taboo in Germany. The Nazis were responsible for the murder of some 6 million Jews and for starting World War II — a conflict in which at least 60 million people died, including more than 7 million Germans.

The poll, which had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, showed that people 60 or older had the highest regard for aspects of the era, with 37 percent answering "yes."

Those who grew up directly after the war, now aged 45 to 59, were the least enthusiastic about the Nazi era, with only 15 percent responding "yes."

Source: Free America Now

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Ershad Manji to Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Ershad Manji to Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Ayaan Hirshi Ali is a fake and one of many anti-Islamic creations of the Zionists! So is Ershad Manji!

Bestseller on honour killing 'is a fake', Forbidden Lie$: The truth about Norma Khouri, The fabrication finally exposed and Forbidden Lie$ - Session Times And Movie Reviews - are good enough to prove the deliberately ill-motivated nature of Khoury myth. Yet, based on these lies, many anti-Islamic and anti-Arab documentaries, movies, books, editorials were made and written all over the world. Still, many Zionists promote her work as gospel truth!

The continental born parents of Ershad Manji went to Uganda with the ‘British Lord’ and they had a comfortable life over there. The Ugandan boogieman Idi Amin kicked them out of Uganda and they were migrated to Canada where they had a tough life. Naturally, a journalism diploma holder Ershad developed some resentment and continued to nurture her anti-Muslim feelings. The opportunist Zionists found out about her instability and they handed her over a slot at a television channel in Canada. Her main slogan was;
1. Israel is the best thing since slice brad,
2. Islam is a violent religion,
3. Muslims are bad and
4. The Quran should be re-written to accommodate homosexuality and promiscuity.

Interestingly, after the 9/11, many Muslim and non-Muslim Islamic experts were not heard or seen in the western media and they were systematically replaced by a “moderate” Muslim like Ershad Manji with a very cunning and creative anti-Muslim zeal.

A misfit like Ershad may have created some confusion for the time being. Like many misguided souls, she may be a useful tool for the Zionists to cover up their war crimes and genocides! But, how come the western media outlets are so complaisant about these cunning stunts and creations?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

The Gallipoli was not Australian war. In fact it was a monumental disaster. So is Afghanistan and it too will become another disaster and another tragic and futile war for Israel.

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Bruce, why do you keep bringing up your son ?? What he might or might not be doing should be private, and you are doing him an injustice.


--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

The vast majority of his fellow Australians thank him and are proud of what he and his mates have accomplished in ridding the world of the scourge of islamo-fascism!!

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:Re: Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me
--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

"You should thank my son!! He has assisted a number of your islamo-fascist scum mates on their way to paradise where they can sate themselves on wine and little boys and girls as your cults founder suggests."

Cheers Bruce==========

Sorry, Bruce... but I do not see anything to thank your son for. In fact, I pity him for not realizing that he being used by liars, thieves, and imperialists.


--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:
Re: Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

I get a bit pissed off when knuckleheads given refuge in this country give open support to islamo-fascist scum against whom Australian soldiers are fighting. An Australian soldier died in Afghanistan last night where my son is currently serving. We have been told he is OK.
Why do I bring him up?? The answer is simple. I happen to be worried about him and I do not like having traitors in my country sniping at him and his mates. I make no appologys.

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "mamubhi" wrote:Re: Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

Statements of Bruce, the creation of Israel and Israeli terror continuum suggest, "Hitler was correct and the ungrateful Zionists deserve a disgusting figure like him".

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

You should thank my son!! He has assisted a number of your islamo-fascist scum mates on their way to paradise where they can sate themselves on wine and little boys and girls as your cults founder suggests.

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "austro_bangla" wrote:Re: Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

So it clear, the Nazi Zionist do not understand the language of peace, logic, justice, fairness, compassion, co-existence, legal principles, moral or any other cherished values! They are good at treachery, brutality, ingratitude, robbery, genocide, holocaust and all other kinds of crime and criminal methodologies as exemplified in the occupied Palestine and elsewhere!

Therefore, they are unfit for animal consumption and they should volunteer themselves to the nearest gas chamber.

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:
Re: Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

I am a supporter of Pipes and I do not hide from any islamo-fascist scum!! Nor does my son. He kills them!!Cheers Bruce

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:Re: Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

Zio_Nazi Pipe is hiding! Where are his supporters? Can they answer me in a civilised and logical manner? Or are they waiting for the long over due gas chamber!

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:Re: Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

Zio_Nazi Daniel Pipes Must Answer Me

Danial Pipes (meqmef@...),

Your existence justifies the emergence of Adolph Hitler and his brutal actions. Please let us know, why the hell a rabid Zionist like you (Daniel Pipes) support Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

I also challenge you to examine attached links and let us know, "which part of these links are not factually correct"?

Nazi Zionists – The Hypocrites would be the most appropriate one for this occasion.

Surely Israeli Holocaust, Holocaust continuum, super Nazis, Rude and Violent Israelis, The Iron Wall, A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel" and The Holocaust as political asset are the real issues. Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and the Middle East Formula for Peace along with The Green Zone Follies are a few good examples to prove "Who control America"? Obviously, the answer is Israelis control America and these are only a few good examples to pin point the undeniable fact who really controls America and why the poor Americans are dying like dogs and cats for Israel!

The Brutal Zionist Role in the Holocaust, BEN-GURION'S SCANDALS, Zionism Data Page, Palestinian Holocaust in the Holy Land, Oil, Israel and Iraq, ZIONIST WAR CRIME REPARATIONS 'ISRAEL MUST PAY THE PRICE, Naturalized Chinaman and They Thought They Were Free for your enlightenment.

Thoroughly Disgusted

Faruque Ahmed
Sunday, September 30, 2007

Source: Free America Now

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holocaust – Long Overdue!

Holocaust – Long Overdue!

Re: Iranian academic society condemns Lee Bollinger remarks

I sympathise with Laura and totally accept all of the valid and legitimate condemnations of the Iranian academic society. I was horrified and disgusted by the sheer arrogance and belligerent ignorance of Lee Bollinger. Now I know why the USA is under the Israeli feet! I also estimate, a real holocaust is long overdue!! I could not accept the monumental hypocrisy and double standards of the American people (possibly Zionists) shown in the media. I can add many points but for now the following are enough.

Mr. Mahmoud Ahamadinejad said,

1. Why one would punish the Palestinians for the European crimes?

2. If any one is shocked and horrified then why don't they offer a piece of land from Bavaria, Europe or America instead of robbing the land from the Arabs?

I said in many times,

Zionism is worse than Nazism, The Sacred Cow is another example of the insecure and fraudulent nature of the holocaust industry. Israeli Holocaust, Holocaust continuum, super Nazis, Rude and Violent Israelis, The Iron Wall, A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel" and The Holocaust as political asset are the real issues. Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and the Middle East Formula for Peace along with The Green Zone Follies are a few good examples to prove "Who control America"?

Obviously, the answer is Israelis control America and these are only a few good examples to pin point the undeniable fact, "who really controls America and why the poor Americans are dying like dogs and cats for Israel"! I also would like to add the fact that many Americans like Lee Bollinger do worship Israel more than god for their own existence beyond common sense and reality!

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Re: Iranian academic society condemns Lee Bollinger remarks

Dear Laura,

Thank you very much for your response to my post, and for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. I am very glad and honored that you are a member of Free America Now, and I hope you will play a greater role in sharing your opinions in our group.

I also hope you will accept my sympathy for your experiences and of those of your loved ones at the hands of the Iranian government. Truthfully, I would never desire to live in Iran or in any other country in the Middle East for that matter. As an American, I appreciate and cherish the Freedoms we have in the good old USA... and I am fighting to keep it that way.

Thank you again for your post!! I hope you will join in the discussions more often.

Sincerely, Jodie

--- In, laura siegal wrote:

Re: [freeamericanow] Iranian academic society condemns Lee Bollinger remarks


I grew up in Iran, and have lost a brother to the government, he refused to go to war and was murdered, though we were told he disappeared. My cousin was murdered for being with her boyfriend before they were married. I have never seen her again. Before we give too much credibility to Iran, as much as we hate Bush, this government is corrupt. Did you know that they edited the feed that went to Iran and they never heard that there are "no gays in Iran". I am not defending the neocons, however, as a refugee from Iran, along with my family, this is not a place that is safe for women. Nail Polish can get you put into prison by the moral police. Showing a bit of ankle under my chador could get me into trouble. We live very well here in the US and no way would any women I have met here want to live like that. In Iran, a woman's vote, or voice in court is worth one half a person. If women get raped, they need four witnesses to testify. This is very horrible. Please, do not give too much to the press in Iran, it is controlled, and many who live in my country do not have a way to say what they want. Just my thoughts, I have not chatted much on this site, as I love and admire most of the words and things I learn, but now I must speak up and take advantage of the freedom of speech that I did not have in Iran. Please thank you so much for the opportunity to speak

Laura (nee Tikva Teherani, my persian name)

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Compliments of Edward Pickersgill at Uncle Ernie's group site. In many respects, I agree with the writers of the article... Jodie


Iranian academic society condemns Lee Bollinger remarks
September 25, 2007, Iranian Students News Agency - Tehran

Service: Foreign Policy

TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (ISNA)-In response to the insulting remarks of the Columbia university president against Mahmoud Ahamadinejad, Iran's university presidents raised their objection to Lee Bollinger.

Ahmadinejad was elected in a free two-level election and by the nation's direct votes they announced in a letter to Lee Bollinger.

"Your insulting words to the president of 72 million people who have 7000 years of rich civilization and culture is embarrassing. Although apparently you have stated those hateful words under great pressure of the media it is disgraceful and surprising to see that the Media direct university president's words."

In this letter they have put 10 questions to Lee Bollinger with the purpose of clearing up the ambiguities between the two countries.

1-Why did American media put you under pressure to call off Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University? Why do they broadcast hours of programs and news against him and do not allow him to answer the accusations? Isn't it against freedom of speech?

2-Why did the U.S. government oust the nation-based government of Mosaddegh with the aid of Iran's dictator, Shah in 1953?

3-Why did the U.S. support Saddam who used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers and even his own nation during the imposed war?

4-Why doesn't the U.S. recognize Palestine's government which was elected with Palestinian's vote? Why does it pressurize the Palestinian's government? Why is the U.S. against Iran's proposal on solving the 60-year old problems of Palestine through referendum?

5-Why couldn't the U.S. army find Bin Laden despite all of its equipments? How do you justify the old friendship between the Bin Ladens and the Bushs and their cooperation on oil? How do you justify Bush's spoiling the investigations over the 9/11?

6-Why does the U.S. government back the terrorist group of Mujahedine Khalq Organization (MKO) while it has claimed responsibility over many bloody bombings in public places of Iran and Iraq? Why doesn't it allow the Iraqi government to evacuate the MKO base in Iraq?

7-Did the U.S. invade Iraq based on international vote and with the permission of international organizations? What was the real purpose of occupying Iraq which has left hundred thousands of its people dead? Where are the weapons of mass destruction which the U.S. claimed were stored in Iraq?

8-Why are the extremely undemocratic states with absolute monarchy regimes the U.S. best friends in the Middle East?

9-Why did the U.S. disagree with the "Middle East free of nuclear weapons project" issued in the board of governors while all countries agreed with it but Israel?

10-Why is the U.S. displeased with Iran and the IAEA agreement and why does it disagree with negotiations within the framework of international regulations for solving Iran's nuclear issue?

At the end they have announced that they were ready to host Columbia University president and other faculties who were interested in seeking the truth to know about this nation without the filtering of the West media.

Source: Free America Now

For an added bonus, please try the following link should you wish.

Missing Nukes, Bin Laden and a Conspiracy to Attack Iran

Was it a conspiracy to attack Iran? How the hell these people died? Why the American B52 bomber was loaded with nuclear warheads? Why the hell no one is talking about it?

Citizens for Legitimate Government, a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush Coup d'Etat and oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes 'Oddities' --By Lori Price, Updated: 19 Sep 2007

The following section was compiled by 'The Pundit.'
Since the Minot story broke a week ago about the missing nukeclandestine operation from Minot, we have the following (for those who are paying attention):

1. All six people listed below are from Minot Airforce base
2. All were directly involved as loaders or as pilots
3. All are now dead
4. All within the last 7 days in 'accidents' [Not all of them --LRP

Airman First Class Todd Blue died mysteriously while on leave

Caddo deputies work double-fatality accident

20-year-old Airman Stephen Garrett died mysteriously.

1st Lt. Weston Kissel, 28 died on motor cycle crash,

Minot Air Force Base Airman Dies on Leave

Body of missing Air Force captain found

Mistaken Nukes! Was it designed to nuke an American city and then blame Bin Laden and Iran as a trigger to attack Iran?

Missing Nukes and Bin Laden

Our Moral Rights and American Duty are two carcinogenic clusters in USA, UK and Australia.

However, six links above talk about the six USA pilots and air force employees involved in “mistaken nukes” are now dead! What do you know about them? Do you remember the story where the US bomber loaded with six nuclear warheads by mistake?

Apart from the CNN,, Boston Globe, Wikipedia and a few `scary canaries' no one is talking! But again Persecuted and Oppressed Minority must not be ignored!

Pearl Harbour, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11 of 1967, 9/11 of 2001 and Mistaken Nukes point out to people who control America.

Remember Iraq pullout would hurt Israel and Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel!

Sources (detailed): Free America Now, Religion and Terrorism, Ershad Manji, African Intelligence Agencies, Bachehaye_Iran, Glory4you

The Sacred Cow

No one would be crucified, should one wish to deny Jesus, Moses, Muhammad or Buda. Even no one would punish anyone for telling, “the capitalism is the conspiracy of rich and powerful”. However, the denial of so-called holocaust is the cardinal sin of the century! May I ask, why? Yet, the same holocaust traders are denying the most painful and slow motion holocaust in the occupied Palestine in front of every one! What a blatant hypocrisy!!! What a double standard!!!!

During the Second World War 50 million people died. However, these racist and fascist holocaust traders are shading their crocodile tears for “lost and found six millions”! May I ask what about the solid 44 millions? Are they worthless? What about the English holocaust in Ireland! And the British holocaust in Bengal in and around the same time frame of Mr. Adolph Hitler’s holocaust!

Today the evil empire of Rupert Murdoch deliberately misquoted a Sydney cleric and the rest of the zionised media are also doing everything to incite sectarian and racist sentiment in the society based on that ugly piece of journalism. Even both, the Labor and Liberal politicians are competing to land their support for Zionism.

By the way, looking at the brilliant track record of ‘sanctified’ Israel and the theory of the survival of the fittest; one can say, “so called Hitler’s holocaust is well and truly justified due the present and past reality demonstrated by the holocaust traders”. Recent examples of Gaza Strip and Lebanon would be sufficient enough to prove the case.

Furthermore, the Zionism is older than Nazism and it appears; the Nazis have found out and borrowed many dirty tricks and tactics from the Zionists. Therefore in many ways, the Zionists are responsible for Nazi atrocities.

However, the Zionism is worse than Nazism as one was the product of a few mad people during a difficult period of time comparing Zionism - which is the product of millions of Israelis and their supporters stretching across half a century with a stamp of infinity!

The Nazism is based on German nationalism and Zionism is based on Jewish nationalism. The Nazism subscribes on racial purity and supremacy. The Zionism subscribes on religious purity and supremacy and eventually ends up with racial supremacy and purity like Nazism!

The Zionists are milking the "Holocaust Cow" while conducting war crimes, massacres and genocides in the longest running concentration of the universe located in the occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity!

Abridged from: (hidden by Sydney Zio-Nazis)

Aug. 20, 2006 at 8:04 AM