Thursday, August 2, 2007

Muslim defamed by shock jock

Muslim defamed by shock jock

Howard and Philip Ruddock managed to increase the popularity of Muslim and Arab Bashings in Australia! John Singleton’s ‘hate machine’ 2GB and Rupert Murdoch’s evil empires are right behind these sports! However, accidentally, a judge found John Singleton’s ‘hate machine’ 2GB is GUILTY.

Muslim defamed by shock jock

August 02, 2007 03:27pm
Article from: AAP
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· Host Jason Morrison defamed Muslim spokesman
· Segment was about Keysar Trad's speech at rally
· Broadcaster accused Mr Trad of inciting violence

PROMINENT Muslim spokesman Keysar Trad has won a defamation case against Sydney radio station 2GB.
A NSW Supreme Court jury today found broadcaster Jason Morrison's tirade against Mr Trad in December 2005 contained eight comments that defamed the former spokesman for controversial Muslim cleric Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali.

The jury found Mr Trad was painted by Morrison as a person who incited others to have racist attitudes and as someone who incited others to commit acts of violence.

Mr Trad was suing the station's licensee, Harbour Radio, for defamation, and not Morrison.

The case related to a December 19 broadcast about a Sydney peace rally held in response to the Cronulla riot, at which Mr Trad spoke.

Commenting on the rally the following morning, Morrison, who was filling in for regular talkback host Ray Hadley, accused Mr Trad of inciting hatred and violence in his speech.

The case will continue on a date to be fixed to hear any defences from Harbour Radio, and to assess financial damages.