Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ershad Manji to Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Ershad Manji to Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Ayaan Hirshi Ali is a fake and one of many anti-Islamic creations of the Zionists! So is Ershad Manji!

Bestseller on honour killing 'is a fake', Forbidden Lie$: The truth about Norma Khouri, The fabrication finally exposed and Forbidden Lie$ - Session Times And Movie Reviews - are good enough to prove the deliberately ill-motivated nature of Khoury myth. Yet, based on these lies, many anti-Islamic and anti-Arab documentaries, movies, books, editorials were made and written all over the world. Still, many Zionists promote her work as gospel truth!

The continental born parents of Ershad Manji went to Uganda with the ‘British Lord’ and they had a comfortable life over there. The Ugandan boogieman Idi Amin kicked them out of Uganda and they were migrated to Canada where they had a tough life. Naturally, a journalism diploma holder Ershad developed some resentment and continued to nurture her anti-Muslim feelings. The opportunist Zionists found out about her instability and they handed her over a slot at a television channel in Canada. Her main slogan was;
1. Israel is the best thing since slice brad,
2. Islam is a violent religion,
3. Muslims are bad and
4. The Quran should be re-written to accommodate homosexuality and promiscuity.

Interestingly, after the 9/11, many Muslim and non-Muslim Islamic experts were not heard or seen in the western media and they were systematically replaced by a “moderate” Muslim like Ershad Manji with a very cunning and creative anti-Muslim zeal.

A misfit like Ershad may have created some confusion for the time being. Like many misguided souls, she may be a useful tool for the Zionists to cover up their war crimes and genocides! But, how come the western media outlets are so complaisant about these cunning stunts and creations?


Ellen said...

Love her or hate her, but I have found most of what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written about "honor" killings to be pretty much spot on.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Austro_Bangla said...

Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Ershad Manji and Norma Khouri are aided and abetted by the Zionists!
May I ask why?

Do you like to examine Jewish and Christian socio-religious faults? But, I am not interested. May I ask again, why the hell instead of oiling your own machine, you are deliberately attacking my socio-religious affairs based on false and fabricated materials?

By the way, I do not hate anyone. However, I condemn Zionists as they are worse than Nazis.