Friday, May 18, 2007

ABC Radio 630 am Dial in Sydney

ABC Radio 630 am Dial in Sydney

Islam and Arab bashings are the most spectacular sports in the town! May I ask, why? Who are behind such a deliberate and creative vendetta with never ending passion? Is it fair and proper to question the role of Zionists and other zionised groups behind such ill-motivated and unwarranted movement?

50% Mosque Spaces For Women

The other day the ABC broadcasted three anti-Muslim stories around the world! Two of those stories were from the BBC! The first one was a demand from a right wing British MP. This lovely chap was demanding legislations to set aside half of the Mosque spaces around Europe for women. No one asked him the reason behind his demand, does he really care about Muslims in the first place or was he just using the issue for any Machiavellian purpose?

Some sources estimate, to accommodate such a demand; Mosque spaces have to be quadrupled. Therefore the question of land and money has to be addressed first along with attending the usual opposition to build a Mosque!

Women Priests!

The second one was about women priesthood. Another good non-Muslim European agitator was demanding the immediate appointment of Female Muslim Priests! No one explained reason behind such a demand. However could we ask the following questions;
1. Why the hell the Judaism failed to address this vital issue over the last five thousand years and
2. Similarly why the hell the Christianity failed to correct this anomaly over the last two thousand years?

Penultimately, why don’t they address their side of the bargain in this respect before annoying Muslims as their religions have more time and opportunity than Islam to tackle this matter?

Islamic Teachings

It is being alleged a Muslim Priest from Sydney was teaching kids to take part in Jihad. Generally speaking, allegations of these natures are not new. In fact they pop up by dozens by a day. Most of them are often based on not true or incorrect information. However, they are very popular and no legal deterrent is available to combat such obsessions despite repeated requests like the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board or Promoting Muslim and Christian Bashings!

Based on the above, time has come to compare all religions and their share of rights and wrongs; make them available to all instantly rather than allowing carefully calculated anti-Muslim vendetta based on cunningly orchestrated campaigns!

Source: Free America Now

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