Sunday, October 26, 2008



They blamed the Libyans, imposed sanctions on that country bombed the hell out of it, sunk half of their navy and their personal (I suppose they are not human beings because they are only Libyans or Arabs) and demonised them there after. BUT what's this I hear is happening in the World Court in Hague just recently? How come the finger is being firmly pointed towards a botched up CIA operation which is more clearly exposed by a TV documentary called "Maltese Connection"??

After a mock judgment and a big amount of money extorted from Libya many former British/Scottish police and prosecution witnesses are talking about planting evidence and cover ups!

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sharkhan said...

Short, laconic and accurate account! Narration of this nature will generate constructive debate rather than corporate propaganda regarding Libya.

But, where is the justice? Do we value Libyan life?